What is web hosting?

For others to see your website, it needs to be stored–or 'hosted'–on a publicly accessible computer (server).

Will my site go down if I migrate here?

Nope! Our staff will make sure your website is functional before going "live" so there'll be no downtime in the transition.

What operating system do you run?

We currently run CentOS 7 (Linux) with cPanel installed on our Cloud-hosting platform.

Can I host multiple websites on my plan?

This depends on the plan you've selected. All plans except the 'Personal' plan allow for multiple websites to be hosted.

Can I host a WordPress website?

Absolutely! We offer 1-click installs of 125+ applications, wordpress included. Set up a wordpress website in 60 seconds!

Can I upgrade or downgrade between other plans?

Yep, and we'll handle the migration/upgrading process to make sure everything goes smoothly.